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# Clavinet
Clavinet is a command line argument parser with it's own language rules. It joins the given `process.argv` into a string and then parses it with it's own language grammar.
## Language
Clavinet has these concepts:
- __Commands__ — Commands start with double dashes as `--some-command-name` and they can have a value after them separated by spaces like: `--say hello`, or `--add [2, 3, 5]`
- __Values__ — Values are __Literals__ or __Arrays__
- __Array__ — Array is made of a sequence of __Values__ separated by `,` and inside of square bracket. For example: `[1, 2, 4, hello, [1, 3]]`
- __Literals__ — Literals are numbers and words in this format: `[a-zA-Z0-9_\./][a-zA-Z0-9_\.\-/]*`
## Building
You need to run `npm install` to install all the dependencies and you must have _TypeScript_ installed on your system. After that you can build the package using
npm run build
## How to use it?
First install it via
npm install --save clavinet
Then use it as:
const clavinet = require('clavinet')
const args = clavinet.Parse( )
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